Griffin Academy: A New Charter School in Vallejo, California

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GRIFFIN ACADEMY | 425 Corcoran Ave, Vallejo, CA 94589 | (707) 552-6482

A New Charter School in Vallejo

A New Charter School in Vallejo

Mare Island Technology Academy was established in 1999 as an Independent Charter by deeply committed community members seeking to create a safe learning environment with rigorous academic stand-ards, specializing in technology, innovative instruction and project-based learning. MIT Academy has grown since its inception and currently has a waitlist at each grade level. To meet the increasing demand from parents and students, MIT will open Griffin Academy, August 2018 beginning with 140 sixth and seventh grade students and adding a new class each year thereafter.

In response to popular demand, Griffin Academy will offer an engaging, rigorous and personalized academic curriculum, Summit Learning, that ensures students master and apply grade level content. In addition, Griffin students will engage in a social-emotional curriculum that builds skills allowing them to make good choices, maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults, become self-aware and ultimately become self-directed learners.